Saturday, February 05, 2005

How do they do it?

I really envy those bloggers who manage a few posts a day. I was browsing through Emergic and saw a few posts per day on a regular basis. I kept wondering as to how do they manage to do that. The availability of content is not my source of wonder, for there is enough to blog about in this world, but the effort and the energy to sustain that effort, that leaves me astonished. I immediately decide that I will write a couple per day too, and then realise with equal urgency that if I continued with that, that might be all I will be doing!!

I suppose I could salvage a lot of wasted time and dedicate it to blogging. Hmmm. Or I could find solace in other blogs which are hardly updated... ;-) Naah. I enjoy blogging, but I haven't found a singular purpose for it. Most of the active blogs have a single theme and are packed with information. I mostly write about my opinions, experiences and thoughts, so there is less to instruct or offer to other than there is to simply note down in digital medium.

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  1. Parvati6:06 PM

    Singular purpose of your blog is just maybe the pleasure you get from writing it; the pleasure readers get from reading it?