Friday, January 23, 2009

Use of the Genioglossus

Succulent Sin
I believe there is a particular way to eating Bengal sweetmeats. I suppose this is a class of sweetmeats which have a rosagulla like texture and constitution to any part of a fragment. I think the whole piece must be taken in, pressed to the roof with the terminal sulcus ensuring that most of the juice flows along the lateral border and into the receptacle temporarily constructed beneath the tongue. Wash your mouth in that juice and let some of it seep back into the porous pads of the sweatmeat (surprise!) and slowly chew on it. Slowly. Very slowly.


  1. You got it all wrong! Stuff em in your mouth and..wait. Just give me that plateful and I shall demonstrate! :D

  2. wow.. that makes me want to drive to the indian store today!! Thanks to haldiram's!!

  3. Parvati9:40 PM

    You are a Bhogi(= One who indulges in material enjoyment without restriction; one who seeks material enjoyment as his life’s aspiration.), aren't you :-D?

    The photograph makes the Rasmalais almost (but not quite ;-)) as delectable as your superlative descriptive instruction does!


  4. Dear R,
    Yeah yeah yeah! ;-)

    Dear M,
    Haldiram is such a sad excuse for good Indian sweetmeats... :-(

    Dear P,
    Bhogi indeed!! :-)