Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Dinner to Celebrate

Of course, Copyright BBC Good FoodI have reason to celebrate. The reasons include a delicious dinner and hence I celebrated the day with a wonderful dinner! Of course, I knew that the meal will come out well and hence the celebration planned in advance for something in the future experienced now.
What I prepared today was a take on Gordon Ramsay's Cream of Cauliflower and a simple pasta arrabiata (more chunky sauce). I think this is the first time I am making this soup and such a soup. I would love to give you the way I did it (I replaced mushrooms with aubergines because I didn't have mushrooms) but I think it is fair to let you read Gordon's idea and then let you work with it the way you wish to. I was delighted with the results (so I am sure Gordon's idea in its fullness must be wonderful too). I simply couldn't stop having the soup and then the pasta and then the soup and back to ... Sigh! Such meals should never end, but perhaps it is in their end that one can pause to register delight.


  1. Does the pic show what you made, or is it just something you grabbed off the net?
    If the former, then WOW!

  2. Dear R,
    The pic does show what I made (minus the chives) though it is not a picture of what I made. My cutlery for the evening wasn't as stylish as this and hence, I preferred this pic. The soup I made looked exactly like this!! :-)

  3. Speaking of pix- how about uploading the ones of our November trip? is a good free site to share galleries.

  4. Parvati8:04 PM

    A joy everlasting indeed, if not the actual dish, at least the memory of it.