Friday, January 16, 2009

Tamil Sangamam (in flux)

Here is Sivamani playing the... well, ... suitcase! The original which is better in quality is enormous in size and hence this edited version (low quality) is all that I can upload and share. Hope you enjoy it. There is more to come from this festival. Watch this space.

Update 1:

The Bharatanatyam dance performance by a team (I didn't record the name) was very good. This group had used a contemporary score for their performance and I thought it was very well choreographed. Of course, I couldn't notice the details as I was standing way behind (hence the poor quality of the photograph) but they were very good on stage. I have invariably seen Bharatanatyam performed to traditional pieces but this was a bit of a fusion though the dance steps remained standard Bharatanatyam. Quite enjoyed their performance.


Update 2:

I doubt if there is any sense in uploading all the pictures I took. I would only end up draining my bandwidth kitty. Here is a collage for the curious! (click on it for the full image)

Tamil Sangamam Finale


  1. Great!!!!
    Made my heart swell with happiness after a long time!!

  2. Dear M,
    Believe it or not I was just having lunch and thinking about you and how long it has been since I came over or you, here. I was wondering whether your kids still go on bicycles and was planning to come to my comp and ask you that when I see your comment!! :-D
    The whole performance was good and all the artists including Sivamani did a great job! The food was bad, though (mostly non-veg).

  3. How amazing that people can connect like this across the globe.. the world sure seems a smaller place today than it did when I was a kid!!

    thats sad about the food.. good food and good music make a very satisfying combo! add to that good company and thats soone pe suhaga!

    Kids are no longer kids I realise. They are busy with school, preoccupied with adolesence, engaged with friends and I think thats good (atleast normal)..

    we were in India for two short weeks and for me its like trying to live all my life in that time. Kids too had a great time.

    Hope you are doing well..


  4. Parvati10:13 AM

    The concept is a worthwhile effort indeed, with a wonderful amalgamation of all that is of 'Tamizh' life, culture and cuisine.

    Glad to know that there was so much to experience and little to complain about!

  5. Dear M,
    I agree. I wish kids could stay as kids rather than grow into adults...

    Dear P,