Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Firm and taut. You would call her a beauty; I call her my lover. She lay there, covering little - very little - of herself with the blanket we shared to soak her sweat from mine and mine from her body. The Burgundy of the silk spread turned dark to indicate the passionate duo within. Soon the spots merged, like we had done a while ago.
I watched her body rise and fall to the relaxed rhythm of her breath. Her stomach rose so gently, tugging her lovely nether regions towards the soft mounds, victim to my parched mouth. And in that motion, she drew me to unite with her and we breathed together in separate beings. I watched her hand, raised to cover her brow, a full breast held in place by her youth. But nothing pleased me more than what I saw now. The gradual welling of her peace accentuated by the glint in her eye, as it orgasmed into a tear and lazily burnt its way down her cheek...

Like last night.


  1. E,
    An excellent post. It reminded me of a scene from the movie 'Sin City'.
    As usual you are very generous with the words. :-)


  2. Beautiful - the image and the words.

    Let me make a redundant statement:)-
    You write very well, Eroteme.

  3. nice post and somehow the picture of Jessica Biel seem to suit the post very well

  4. Dear S,
    Merci. Aren't you kind! ;-p

    Dear P,
    Glad you liked it! :-)

    Dear GI,
    How've you been? Who is Jessica Biel? :-o

  5. I've been my usual self....Jessica Biel is the person in the picture on your latest post. She is an actress

  6. is it an exotica or an erotica??

  7. Dear GI,
    Thanks for the info. Did a google and ended up having to shut down the window! :-o

    Dear S,
    Neither. It is the essence of togetherness... :-)

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  9. Yeah,
    it happens. She is something isn’t she????

    NUTFORU-the word verification that I had to type for this comment

  10. beautiful...truly the essence of togetherness

  11. Beautiful and full of love!