Tuesday, March 21, 2006

An old song

Please come to me
I am at your doorstep
My love's for you to see
We'll set everything right
Will you please be mine tonight?

I'll catch moonbeams
While your hair tickles my lips
I'll weave in them dreams
While our lips lust-n-fight
Will you please be mine tonight?

I need your eyes
To make my world beautiful
To make truth of my lies
To make my dark shadow bright
Be mine tonight... every night!


  1. @Eroteme:
    Reminds me of the lines
    "A rapt solicitor of her love and grace,
    His bliss in her to him is his whole world..."

    Involved lines. Who wrote the "Old Song"? You? Nice...

  2. that was something more than romantic
    something more than passionate

    when love sans lust
    she will be urs forever..day n night

  3. In the softness of her curly hair,
    That surreal drabness which seduces so,
    With all her tenuous strength and juvenile air,
    Destiny will compel her to bestow!

  4. "To make truth of my lies"

    :) Searching identity in passions?

  5. Dear P,
    Nice lines... Not sure who wrote this song! ;-p

    Dear S,
    Wow! You wrote that all extempore? Neat...

    Dear S,
    Don't we always search for it in most things we do? :-)

  6. How beautifully you weave words Eroteme.. Sometimes I find myself losing in a completely different world which is so beautiful.. where only words and happiness abound.. thank you for giving me that feeling to live for.