Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hunt Starter

I am on this rather quirky and purposeless hunt for starter recipes. I intend collecting 200 of them by 31st Oct 2009. I mean 200 different kinds of recipes (not the kinds where you replace peas with corn and voila! another one!). I intend covering the following cuisines in the process:

  1. Indian (there are 200 in them!!)And this is just the start(er)!!
  2. Chinese
  3. Vietnamese
  4. Thai
  5. Middle-East (covering Turkey, Iran, Israel, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, etc.)
  6. Egyptian
  7. African (need to investigate this, but Moroccan is surely in there)
  8. Mediterranean
  9. Italian
  10. American
  11. Lebanese
  12. Japanese
  13. Spanish
  14. Mexican
  15. German
  16. Scandinavian
  17. Commonwealth (!!?)
  18. Misc. (French, South American, etc.)
That is going to keep me fairly occupied!! La la la laa la!!
Of course, only vegetarian!!


  1. Look forward to that!!!

  2. Parvati9:20 PM

    Hahaha! 2009!!!!!!! Not 2008? Prestidigitation from you in old blog posts will not escape hawk eyes of sincere readers - MIND IT :-D, you laggard, dawdler, idler, lingerer...