Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Are you who I search
When the petrichor rises
Softly to meet me?


  1. Parvati8:31 AM


    THIS is how poetry should be, a haiku should sound! - a myriad meanings, as in, petrichor evoking in you a deep need for someone unknown but wanted desperately (as in 'have you ever missed someone you have never met?'), or maybe the nostalgia that petrichor takes us back in time to, which would make it bringing back a longing memory of a person known.

    Very nice. And, of course, the flower, its colour, and its label of virgapetrichor speak of unfulfilment, beauty, incompleteness and passion and of course love.

  2. Perfect! Picture too :)

  3. :)

    i love the pictuire - that attracted my attention - words penned with such simplicity

  4. Dear P,
    Glad you like it... :-) Yes, petrichor does bring in a million meanings.

    Dear AR,
    Welcome to this blog. Glad you found it so. :-)

    Dear S,
    Gosh! Its been such a long time since I had you comment here...

  5. hey! first timer here.. came across your blog while accidentally searching for something else... loved the simplicity and the emotions evoked in this post..

    will be back to read more.. :)