Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sonnet - 7

Wishing you...
Twining letters together on sweet love
A poor man's bequest to you, is but this
Do uncloak your lovely wrists of kid glove
And feel all of my 'poverished words' kiss.

I pick from beneath a cherry tree's fall
And pilfer choicest reds from old men's graves
Sewing colours and the unsaid with love's awl
For soles to stroll to what your heart enslaves.

Shall I pick "beautiful" or "paramour"?
Or soft "Venus" over "Aphrodite"?
Or "hold me" while I smilingly pen "demure"?
Oh! Have my quill bow to your wants mighty!

For love I shall give all and thus my words
Are yours, every drop from my pen's vineyards!

1 comment:

  1. Parvati7:17 PM

    A happy sonnet, passionate and pretty too...

    Very sweet and very nice.

    A pleasure to read words like 'awl' and 'quill' in this day and time. My favourite line is 'Sewing colours and the unsaid with love's awl' mainly because of the beauty of the 'unsaid'in lovers' talk.