Saturday, February 23, 2008

Thanks to Atanu Dey

Some interesting stuff that I read:

Vegetable Root Discourses

15 years as an Entrepreneur

On Lavatories and Laptops (and I like this because I have been rambling about the same thing to anyone who will listen to me. We do not need gizmos and multiplexes now. We need to get the basics right and then focus on other things, or, if we are really smart, do them in a phased and/or staggered manner)

Woz Interview (this doesn't owe a dime to Atanu)

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  1. Parvati2:58 PM

    When I find myself in a blog that shines with the light of reason I realise that I am in Atanu Dey's space. On all subjects that evoke and provoke kitschy responses all over the country or the world, he takes a tangential detour and plunges one in the purity of rational thinking.

    # Thanks for this nudge of a post - it had been a while since I went to Atanu Dey's blog...