Monday, February 04, 2008


Dear Readers,
Please allow me to offer an explanation for not responding to your comments in time. I have been caught up in the tell of the world and then my electronic equipment behaved in matters unpredictable. I will shortly entertain all your comments (and definitely yours, Loveena!). In the meantime, Agni has returned to blogging and you might find him more generous in the spontaneity with which your comments will be responded to.


  1. Ah! Thanks for the mention! Never saw it till now!

  2. :) I wrote a comment - and I dont know what happened !!! Will check this week end ...

  3. Dear A,
    Welcome :-)

    Dear A,
    Sorry. Been travelling a lot and the tiredness that ensues makes me feel like the man in one of the posts in this blog (I think the post title was Animal Instinct)