Thursday, November 03, 2005

Oooooooooooooooh Weeeeeeeeeh!

Finally, the 2nd issue of Alvibest is out. Phew! I would like to thank all my friends who tolerated the nuisance I had become over the past few weeks! :-) I sure need a break and I am off to go and hide somewhere! Anyone ready to house a quintal of tired mass? :-|

(Cover page of current issue is included in this post after obtaining permission from Alvibest's Editorial Board)


  1. Congratulations:)The coverpage shows the effort you put in.
    Well,i am ready to house a Quintal of tired mass,You are most welcome to join me:)

  2. Very arty, and obviously actual different hands were used for every print.

    The differences (besides just that of colour), between two hands is interesting, and makes the picture all the more special.

    'Hands' as a subject for a journal like Alvibest is perfect!

    All in all - nice cover!

  3. Also the dark-shadow-hand beneath each coloured hand makes my mind look for all possible interpretations for the simple picture created as a design for a journal-cover!

    And the handwritten name "Alvibest" - nothing about the cover seems factory produced.

    Anyone will know Alvibest is an art magazine just from the cover.

    Good work! Who is the artist that created it? - the concept, the execution? Very good. Congratulations to you..

  4. Dear A,
    I was hoping that someone from Italy or Spain would sponsor my life... ;-) Let's wait for some more time before I consider your offer! :-D

    Dear P,
    Thank you for your kind words. Well, nothing about Alvibest is factory made. Wouldn't like to render it that way. I shall pass on your compliments to the artist! :-) The Board should be putting this cover up on the official blog page and there will be a discussion about it... Stay tuned. BTW, Welcome to this blog... :-)

  5. you weigh a quintal?:O

  6. Dear W,
    Let me commence with a solemn proclamation: I hate you! :-D
    Now let me proceed with the details. If I weighed less than a quintal would you house me? And didn't you hear the nursery rhyme: 2 Wooks make an Eroteme?
    Along the X and Y axis ;-)

  7. Congratulations

    Looks Good

    I've been very busy for the past few weeks shifting residences. Yes, weeks. We had started shifting when we were asked to provide some papers ... which took some more time ... and then had to live out of boxes. Tedious.

    Peeped in to say hi. I've not been up to any writing of quality work lately :-(

    Just read all your past posts - selfishly happy there wasn't much :-) I'd missed.

    Lazy get back to the hospital story to comment on it. So it's here.

    It was a good read. But did you know that every time the clock chimed the girl would have experienced exquisite pain? I've been in such a condition - I was a child - but still the memmories are fresh - when hurt and all bandaged and the colour red simply decides to show up from within ... even the gentle fall of a feather sometimes feels like a slap - exagerating...??? maybe a little. But have you ever wondered why such clocks are not kept in hospitals? And for the hero to do something like that was very inconsiderate to the other patients.

    I guess I just became the party pooper :-(

    But if I didn't care enough I wouldn't do this. Keep writing :-)

    See you later. Till then,


  8. Second thoughts

    Have you noticed that people who are in pain never consider the pain they cause to others when they are in pain.

    Very few people actually think about it and refrain from causing added pain ...

    One might think that those who've been through pain will be gentle - trully they could either be the most cruel or the most gentle souls.

    I'll stop being a pain now :-)

  9. Dear L,
    Welcome back. Hope you are done with all your moving around. For some strange reason, blogger did not deliver your comments to my inbox. After posting my latest one I scrolled down to see 8 comments and I checked! I suppose the lady might have experienced such pain, but there is a theory that pain can kill pain. Vijay (who might not be the hero) wanted to remind her of better times and bring her out of the self-inflicted misery... He ends up running in a circle! :-| BTW, I wanted to send the Mag to you but do not have your contact address. Please ask Dream Vendor for the issue copy. Hope you like it! :-)

  10. :)..Congratulations..You did it again!:)

  11. Dear A,
    Thank you... :-)

  12. Yo E,
    Reading Alvibest was fun. I was supposed to work in Florida and all I did was read the journal and my project got aborted!!! I blame u for that!!!....anyways, the article that I liked the most was about your nephew!!!!

  13. Dear GI,
    Go ahead blame me. :-) As long as you enjoyed it! ;-)