Monday, November 14, 2005

A lovely quote I read while on the phone with a friend...

The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears
-John Vance Cheney, poet (1848-1922)


  1. Aaaah! Beautiful photo.

    But I dont care for the romanticisation of tears in our eyes - there is no glory in misery, whatever the poets might say....

    I had rather have a rainbow in my soul without tears in the eyes;
    if anyone could be so obliging as to find the method? And let the whole world know?

  2. "A lovely quote I read while on the phone with a friend..."
    Isnt it the reason why your friend calls you "MASTER OF MULTI TASKING"

  3. someone else who has ADD??
    but nice

  4. seriously that is really a very nice phrase. byways, i went through your second issue of alvibest. you guys are really doing a good job.

  5. Nice quote and awesome picture!

  6. Dear All,
    I am sorry for letting this stand long enough without my replies. Was a little caught up in things. I am glad that you guys liked it.
    Parvati, tears are not only in misery! :-) Tears flow when the heart is deeply touched in joy, sorrow, passion and pain. And all these do colour our lives.
    Akruti, she is a wise friend who recognises me well! ;-)
    Karuna, have you heard of something newly termed as ADS or ADT?
    Amritha, thank you. I am glad you find our efforts good enough.
    DV, long time! :-)
    Vanathi, welcome to this blog. :-)

  7. nice quote...awesome pic
    came from dv

  8. Dear Sophia,
    Glad you like them. Welcome to this blog! :-)

  9. Beautiful photo..

  10. i loved the quote. it reaffirms the fact that sorrow is adds a new perspective to our life.
    great going!!

  11. swapna10:08 AM


  12. Dear P,
    Thanks :-)

    Dear N,
    Nearly most things in life are beautiful... thanks. :-)

    Dear S,
    Thanks :-)