Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Poem Published

Not that it is a new poem but still, published on real paper (not a printout!). My stance on publishing still holds! ;-)
I thank Sinu for the fantastic art work he brought out for this poem. I must have been a nag to work with, what with all those editing and endless deliberating over details.

In spite of all his hard work the actual print in the book has lost all the details and I am disappointed, but that's just me hunting for reasons to be disappointed. Since this image below is a low resolution of the final draft and since the image in the book is different (in the details), this cannot count as copyright violation. Given that the poem is this blog's! :-)

Nevertheless, I would urge you to buy the book (details at No, I get no royalty so there is nothing for me to gain. I think you should buy the book since the poems are decently good, since the artwork is pretty neat for some of the poems, since this is one of a kind visual-poetry project and since this is being organised and run by a bunch of youngsters who deserve the support and encouragement to carry out such work and constantly improve. I think every purchase would only add fuel to their excitement and that is a good cause.

Please click on the image below and study the details on the wall. Sinu has absolutely weaved magic here. The shadow, the scribbles on the wall, the state of the books, the table. Amazing illustration. No, I don't look even wee bit like the guy at the table.

For the love of me


  1. Congratulations again! :-)

  2. Dear K,
    Thanks bro! :-)

  3. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Way to go... Congratulations! :-)
    The sketch is really nice...

    -- Paramita

  4. Anonymous7:13 PM

    This is just a faint harbinger of a many future publications written by you, am sure. My best wishes and many congratulations.
    - Parvati

  5. Dear Anon-P,
    Thank you. Yes, the sketch is wonderful!

    Dear Anon-P,
    Maybe or maybe not... Thank you!

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