Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Killer Red Pasta

So I have come to enjoy dry pasta. After having cooked several versions of it (combining anything from charred tomatoes to brinjal/eggplant wafers to drunken mushrooms) I have to come to realise that this is as much fun as the saucy versions. All the pictures below are shot in my kitchen (of which you get to see absolutely nothing). What you see is pretty much all of what I used (and limbs of baby-corn added as they were threatening to get spoilt!). Yes, the pasta was slightly overcooked. Was too busy shooting the images to remember that I had to arrest the cooking! Anyway, here goes...

It had to be garlic
Don't you simply love the red?
And more reds
My Killer Red Pasta... Fiery!


  1. Perfect dinner...colourful and mmmmm...flavourful :-)

    THanks for this post... needed just this to hit the cook-mode (in me) ON!

  2. Dear P,
    Thank you... :-) Glad that I could turn some mode on!