Friday, April 09, 2010


A scarecrow he is -
Waiting for love to fly by,
Land and stay with him.


  1. perhaps love (like birds) may land (if he is lucky) but never stays

  2. Love this one! Wistful imagery...

  3. Parvati8:57 AM

    I agree with ricercar - the scarecrow is the only symbol of permanency in this whole scene as it were. The harvest comes and goes, pesky pests come and go.

    So somehow there is a 'porutkutram' in this haiku - a core flaw in adopting this image and name of a scarecrow to convey what you want to convey, but which never can be done - which nevertheless doesn't take away from the poetry of it all...

  4. Dear R,
    Perhaps! :-)

    Dear P,
    Glad you liked it... :-)

    Dear P,
    Agree with Ricercar? Not sure whether I understand that. The haiku intends to show that the scarecrow is the only thing permanent and he keeps hoping for love to come to him and stay forever although his experience (with birds, crop and season) is otherwise. An expectation belying all experience. So not sure where you see a core flaw. Please help me.

  5. Hope the crows don't take advantage of the lonesome scarecrow 'in love'!

  6. Parvati12:08 PM

    Hey!? Wasting away again in worldly preoccupations far away from creating good literature in this blog?

    Buck up and stop indulging in these infinite holidays from your blog...