Thursday, August 13, 2009

Making Mama Proud

I was and still am extremely proud of my little boy going up on stage, confidently adjusting the microphone and then reeling out Urdu the way it should be. Ain't he adorable!? So my mom and his mom (who also happens to be my sis) get to argue about who's son was better on stage at this age! Little boy and me ignore them and watch cartoons! We both agree I was a lot cuter though the brat looks at my collection of his pics and tells me "Mama, I am so cute, no?" Runs in the family, I suppose! :-D I will write a post about how I took to the stage and ate all the lipstick sticks that the teachers had brought along.


  1. no mother ever thinks another's child is better than her own. even if the "another's child" is her own grandchild... nice but too short.

  2. Eroteme-
    I found your blog this morning and am spellbound. I create gifts to sell to raise money for disabled youth in my community and I love many of your beautiful pictures. Are they yours? Would it be possible for me to use some of them?

    Thank you - Andi

  3. Dear P,
    That's why you need fathers: they balance the perspective! :-D

    Dear AC,
    Many of the pics are mine, many aren't. So if you could let me know which ones caught your eye, I could let you know if I have the right to permit usage or not... :-) You are more than free to use mine if you could send me pics of how they were used.