Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dear Abhishek

I had written (for the 1st issue of Alvibest) this little piece of fiction as a letter from a father to a son. One comment that I loved in response to this piece was "No way could a 26 year old have written this!". Another dear friend thought this was a real exchange although the 1st page clearly says "Fiction".


  1. E!
    Thank you for posting this. This is by far the best thing you have ever written; simple and honest. I have told you this before, haven't I?
    I love this post.

  2. Dear S,
    You are welcome and I am glad you find it so (but then what about the post about ... ;-). Yes, you have told me this before, but it always feels sweet when you mention it again.
    You might like this observation I made. If you scroll up and down really fast through all the pages that I have put up in this post, the enso appears like as if it is moving/rotating!! I spent several minutes doing that before clicking on the comment link! :-D

  3. Dear E
    I did see that but I thought it was just a fluke. :-)

  4. Parvati11:18 AM

    It is always a wrench between a need for perfection that makes one give up the flawed present and seek for a better future and a need for stability, security of continuity with mediocrity and imperfection in the hope of time blunting one's sensibilities or one's realising that perfection is non-existent, and it is best to settle for stability and continuity in human relationships.

  5. Dear P,
    Hmmm. True.

  6. Really...."No way could a 26 year old have written this!"...!!
    Sorry for such late comment, I had missed this post...