Wednesday, May 28, 2008


My cousin tells me I am way to serious on my blog and quite unlike what I am in real life. I thought I was dead crazy in both and that I had only one life, anyway! So for those who find this blog too damn serious, here are two blogs I found which are just the opposite:

  1. Doing Jalsa and Showing Jilpa
  2. Twisted DNA
Seriously hilarious stuff!! :-D


  1. No doubt - Nice reads!!

  2. Parvati2:08 PM

    Hey! - that's cheating. YOU have to write humorous things, not give links to humorous blogs.

    Make us laugh, as you have made us cry with your beautiful poems and your ruthless thinking processes

  3. But they aren't all serious ... guess it's the way we read things.

  4. That was hillarious.. but I do agree with Parvati!!

  5. Dear AS,
    Welcome to this blog. :-)

    Dear P,
    I am not good with joking in writing. How can someone be if he is more interested in choosing between glasses, specs and spectacles or spending hours trying to figure out the right word to be used instead of palpitation because he is in the mood for some purple coloured word? :-(

    Dear S,
    Thank you, girl!! Someone to support me! :-)

    Dear M,
    Glad you found them funny. They really do a good job at shaking the funny bone!