Monday, December 31, 2007

Please don't

All gates are open for one who doesn't wish to walk through them
Alas! Such moments bite my heel and gnaw
The last of what painted my life alive.
Oh! Please don't nude me for inept love's flaw,
Or flay me blue for spineless passions' strive.

I love you, dearest, but sullied am I
To win and husband your kohl-eye's favour.
For in its clear depths I'd this world defy,
Though no knight to clasp your heart forever.

Know me now, as once in true smile you did
That I shall love you, only you, till death.
And I beg you don't, or of life me rid -
Of absence eclipsed-life or one sans breath.

In you is all, pardon my cowardice;
I grovel at your feet, please don't do this.


  1. Parvati1:55 PM

    Sadness in Love, love and life's disconnect, pain without the beloved: all is well-etched in this sonnet.

    # I especially like
    .'The last of what painted my life alive' ,
    .'Know me now, as once in true smile you did',
    .'In you is all'
    - mainly because of the simplicity of expression, which is nevertheless most effective in conveying the depth and truth of emotion, love and inconsolable anguish.

    # The rhyme in the couplet is like a tiny smile- "pardon my cowardice, please don't do this." Cute.

    # The poem has strong emotions, is quite dramatic, passionate and well written - ingredients for good literature, should we say ;-)?