Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dance of a whim

Give me but one life, filled to the brim
A mouthful of smiles, jouncing with vim.

Bend down and pat icing on snails' shells,
Grab striped sunlight midst leaping gazelles.

Pick her ribbons, have her chase me down
O'er streams of rain, and hills verdant-crowned.

And lie panting under clapping shades,Come let's dance
Our care hurtled onto green-dewed blades.

Splash loud songs to scented virga's tune,
Hand clasped faces as he busks a rune.

Give me a fence to heavenward heave -
Hair in the breeze, a memory to thieve.

Sit on the porch when supper's well done,
Smile at moths vexed in a firefly's fun.

Wish cold nights and thick blankets together,
Curl up tight and shield one from the other.

Thus I ask, not more than one filled life -
With Pleasure's joy and unrestraint, rife.


  1. Parvati10:20 PM


    #"Splash loud songs to scented virga's tune,
    Hand clasped faces as he busks a rune."
    Indeed! - quite beautiful lines, scented virga and busking a rune captivate and please immensely.

    # Icing on snails' shells is delightful, as are moths vexed in a firefly's fun, not to mention your memory to thieve.

    # And all prayers that you get more than one filled life, with pleasure's joy and unrestraint, rife.

    #Great poem, perfect like a precious little gem. Good work, keep it up...

  2. Dear P,
    Glad you like it. :-)