Saturday, June 23, 2007


I finally managed to tag all the poetry that has been put up on this blog! Phew!


  1. This tagging thing is as painstaking as it's exciting :) I still havent sorted out stuff on mine!

  2. Thanks! A great job done.... :)

  3. Hey Eroteme..nice work with the poetry section! you can further group the various sub-sections under related groups and make the entire list easier to browse thru.. Eg. Philosophy, Stories, Verses/Potry, Songs etc. Also, I find that you left out a lot of sections unformatted w.r.t space gaps and section heading sizes etc. Also the color in which the number of articles coming under a particular group sort of merges with the background color, so that it is not easily visible..
    Also you can add an RSS feed from JK's own site Just my suggestions... Enjoy!! :-)