Thursday, April 12, 2007

Alvibest Flier


  1. Pretty. Very pretty. And now I know what 'alvibest' means :)))

  2. very nice :) cool!

  3. Dear M (TSU),
    Glad you like it! :-) Would you be interested in subscribing/contributing?

    Dear R,
    :-) Glad it appeals to you. Would you be interested in subscribing/contributing?

    Please feel free to put this flier up on your blogs... It would really help support what we are trying to do.

  4. That is really sweet of you. But my life's such a mess right now which sort of reflects through my blog :) I joined desicritics last year and didn't get around to doing more than a couple of posts. I keep hoping that things will fall into place and i'll be fine. I'm still hoping. May be once I am a little composed I will consider your offer. But I'm flattered, really.