Tuesday, February 06, 2007

And when I awoke

Progressing towards my real self?

... I had grown myself a new horn (albeit asymmetrically)!!


  1. Parvati9:39 AM

    The things that happen to you! Makes me think that you may be quite crazy...

    You may like to delve into the history of a single horn, (albeit asymmetric) here -

  2. Hi Eroteme
    Nice to see you progressing towards your real self ;-) Wait and watch what gifts tomorrow morning brings to you! Maybe with the lone horn's twin coming in tomorrow, your analysis will be complete!
    Talking of horns, my memories go back more than twenty years back, when we first shifted base from kol to Del. Armed with most priceless possessions: my battered teddy bear and my best frock, I entered the capital city in the golden ambassador.. to be greeted by the not-so-quiet buffaloes, who decided to surround our car and were so deep in meditation and thoughts that except the constant frothy chewing, they really didn't do much for more than half an hour!
    And it was then that I first touched an animal's horn, albeit out of curiousity and boredom at the age of four and a half. My hand reached out of the window and I tried to move it like the handles of my toy scooter. It came out of its reverie, and with an astonishing look bellowed its way out of my clasp. A quick smack on the back of my head by my mother and the windows closed and we were off on a new adventure!
    So long Eroteme..
    Just wait and watch what the morrow brings with it.

  3. Dear P,
    And you may be quite correct about that! ;-) Thanks for the link.

    Dear M,
    Actually the horn vanished. I do have a picture of well shampooed hair turned into horns while I innocently suck on my thumb. Never going to post that!! :-o Had you tried touching my horn, my mom would have smacked you on your head!! Moms!! :-D So long, Munmun.