Monday, January 22, 2007

For the love of me

Turquoise ink
Is best suited
For words that take long
To dry.


And some other words
Sputter on the parchment -
Heave and breathe
Final spasms
As they settle
Into the ways
Of this desiccated earth.

But words live on - A million words... smudged!
Like "Love",
Which I thought had dried
But came to life
When a finger that brushed my cheek
Ran over it as well.

Words are but half-realised truths,
She said.
Half in what they portray.
Half in what they wish to convey.
For "joy" is always in half
And so is need.

I am married to words,
She said.
Married so, that "lust" suffices.
"Togetherness" suffices.
"Warmth" suffices
On a cold Autumn night.

He died of the poison in the ink,
They said.
Why he licked his letter
Into oblivion, we shant know.
It wasn't the ink that killed me, friends.
It was words.
Words like
With the final breath on


  1. Parvati3:22 PM

    Words are but half-realised truths,
    She said.
    Half in what they portray.
    Half in what they wish to convey.
    For "joy" is always in half
    And so is need.

    - how lovely this stanza is! you think differently and that's like a fountain of crystal clear cold water from an evergreen spring.

    # "Joy" the word is always inadequate to fully convey the completeness of the feeling inside me, whereas at the other end of the spectrum, my actual need is always much less than what the word exaggeratedly implies when i use it.

    # Gifted - that's what you are! :-)

    # Keep up the frequency of posts - then i will have no complaints forever. :-D

  2. It wasnt ink that killed me..
    It was words!!

    Nice lines!!

  3. Comments rapidly poured in for this one... :-)

    Dear P,
    You know why I enjoy your comments? They are spot on and earnest. :-) Yes, that is the exact intent of that stanza. Words sometimes overshoot or fall short of the real thing. Notice that "need" has not been placed within double quotes to indicate the real need which is not always a need. Lovers say "I need you" when they really don't and can continue with life without the other person (I can't help being cynical about love ;-). Though a lover would say "Tere bina zindagi bhi lekin, zindagi to nahin" :-D Glad you liked the post and I will try my best to write as frequently as I can. :-)

    Dear S,
    Welcome to this blog. Glad you liked the lines. :-)

  4. I love this post! My favourite lines are:

    "But words live on
    Like "Love"


    Words are but half-realised truths,
    She said.
    Half in what they portray.
    Half in what they wish to convey.
    For "joy" is always in half
    And so is need.

    so simple the way you articulate what most people would feel but are unable to express verbally.

  5. Anonymous7:10 PM



  6. Seems like others like the very same lines that I liked too..:)

    amazing poem, Eroteme..loved it.

  7. Dear S,
    Thank you. Glad you liked the poem. :-)

    Dear Anon-S,
    Glad you liked it... :-)

    Dear P,
    But you could have brought in some variety and chosen other lines!! ;-) Glad you liked it.

  8. Dear Eroteme,

    Sorry for the delay. A very happy new year to you.

    May all your dreams come true.

    Btw, a wonderful poem. :)


  9. That was really nice. I had to comment when this popped up in my mail box. Keep it up.
    Is that a Rorschach’s blot?

  10. any paticular reason why you address people by the first letter of their name?

  11. Dear R,
    Long time... Thanks for your wishes, but had you known even half of my dreams then you might have blessed me otherwise! ;-)

    Dear U,
    Glad you like it. Welcome to this blog. Yes that is one... :-)

    Dear S,
    Why do I do that? Hmmm. Its (a) shorter (b) quicker (c) serves to identify except in rare situations (d) just something that struck me sometime down the course of responding to comments... :-) Hope that helps clarify. I never really gave it a serious thought. Another blogger had raised a similar concern not too long ago...

  12. well, I admit that not all dreams come true. But then, they do not happen for a reason, which we seldom know about. anyways, the failures enrich our lives with invaluable lessons... and the successes, need i say more? so, isn't it a win-win situation either way?

    btw, I happened to read this somewhere recently.. "An optimist has as many chances as a pessimist. It is just that he/she has a more exciting life".

    ... :)

  13. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Hey E - very nicely done. Liked it a lot.


  14. Dear RS,
    Nice thoughts...

    Dear Anon-L,
    I hope you are the L I know! Thanks. Glad you liked it. I suppose, Ubermensch arrived here on this blog on your prodding! :-)

  15. again and again your words and your writing seem to point to the universality of human experience, if i may call it so. ultimately life is so predictable, isn't it? and love! how much can we write on it to finally have said enough?

  16. Dear S,
    Life is quite unpredictable, yes. I doubt whether the world will ever tire of writing about love!! :-) Its what seems to keep the world and its industries going! :-)

  17. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Nice poem, but life can be truly beautiful when it is full of joy, full of love for the one who lives within us and is not gonna leave till the last breath,..