Saturday, October 21, 2006

Happy Diwali

A warm glow...
I wish I could reach out to each of you and wish you personally, but this is the closest I can get. Wish you a very happy Diwali. May there be joy and several reasons to smile throughout the year that unfolds before you - one day at a time...

Happy Diwali (In a language I employ the most)

Diwali Nallvayythukal (In my mother tongue)

Diwali ki haardik shub-kaamnaayen (In a language I enjoying talking in)

Diwalichi shubh-itchcha (A language that surrounded me in my growing years... I really haven't stopped growing! ;-)

Diwali mubaarakaan (In a language I love the most)

I have no clue how to say it in Telugu and Kannada, so help!

I would be obliged if readers took a few minutes off to let me know that they received the wishes!! ;-)


  1. Happy Diwali to you too!

  2. Anonymous11:51 PM

    Dost,maafi chahathe hain,was busy with puja when i got the call and later when i tried it always said "network busy"

    "Deepavali shubhakankshalu" {Telugu}


  3. hi Eroteme,

    Happy belated Diwalli wishes., I ahve tagged you just for starting this Idea in the first place I hope you take the tag.

    Thank you.


  4. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Got ur wishes Eroteme :)

  5. Thank you. Wish you had a wonderful diwali too

  6. :) Thank you. Hope you had a happy and prayerful Diwali.

    God bless you with all your hearts' desires and continued blogging. That last one is a selfish hope from me :)

  7. Belated Diwali wishes to you too :)

    Deepavali habbada Shubhaashayagalu

    That's in kannada :)

  8. Sorry for the delay.. been caught up in mundane stuff...

    Dear PP,
    Thank you! Don't remember seeing you here before... Welcome!

    Dear P,
    Thank you! I don't remember ever missing you on any post! ;-) Please don't change that! :-D

    Dear Anon-N,
    Thanks. I'll try rolling that on my tongue and spill it out sometime next year to whomsoever I meet...

    Dear N,
    Thanks. I will play the tag soon... :-)

    Dear Anon-S,
    :-) Glad you did...

    Dear KS,
    Thanks. It was a fairly well done Diwali. I believe I haven't conversed with you over this blog before... Welcome.

    Dear L,
    First, please accept my apologies. Twice you requested me to come over to your blog and twice I couldn't. Been running around a bit and gather just enough energy to write a post... So please do forgive me. Thanks for the wishes and I hope yours come true too... :-)

    Dear S,
    Thank you. I suppose GI takes the credit for bringing you over to this blog. Glad you stopped by. Wish you the best too... :-)

  9. Its alright. Get there when u can :) I did not write what I wanted to - will try now to do it, then come back and tell you.

  10. Yup, written and posted that's the link. Take your time :)As long as you dont forget and do let me know your opinion too ... See you :)

    *Its the second part. Will be writing the third part. Its shorter than the first part. And is a story by itself. My aim was to do so - each part a story in itself - a stand alone one. With a bigger picture weaved in. Let me know how it is. If criticism is on its way - please be nice about it *pretty please* But yes, if criticism has to be done - yes, do it. I need to write better :)

  11. Happy Diwali, E!

    Though belated, it is coming your way in every heartfelt way.