Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tell me...

I wonder, as I have little else to do in this wonderful world. I was pondering over the possibilities that are open to a man's character. Reader's opinions are invited (a level between requested and demanded ;-)

A, is an alpha-male. He is physically gigantic and is an achiever. There is nothing that he or the people around him consider impossible for him. He was a wonderful sportsman in his younger days. He was a wonderful businessman and always made the right moves in the market. What he set himself to achieve, he achieved.

A was also a man a great virtue. People knew him to be very generous and kind hearted. He never wronged anyone and held some very solid beliefs. He wasn't very religious, but respected everyone in a manner they should be. He had no apparent weaknesses. He did drink and smoke. About women, no one ever spoke ill of him or even suspected that he might be immoral.

A got himself a wife in an elegant woman from a rich family of kings. Such a woman was she that he was the envy of several cities along every direction of his town. She was very talented and beautiful too. He loved her and took great care of her. He believed in family and respected the institution very much. One day (let's say 20th June 2006) they planned to have a child and went about the usual biology of ensuring one in the wife's womb. Even after his wife dies, he doesn't allow another woman to enter his house.

B, is a woman who is extremely beautiful. Her beauty is unmatched but she is born amongst the servant community of that village. Men would kill for her attention even if it were only for a quick 20 minutes. She knows about her beauty and doesn't resist enjoying the attention of the men she fancies, be it for money or for the sheer joy of knowing that they are her slaves in bed. She undoubtedly believes that she deserves the best amongst men.

My question is: do you conceive the possibility of A slipping to B's charms during the phase (sometime between 15th May 2006 to 15th July 2006) when he is planning a child with his wife and have a one-night's stand with her and impregnate her? Here is a man who has all the respect of the world and holds high values. Do you think he would have slipped? Here is a man who loves his wife so dearly and is currently working with her towards a definitely emotional bond, a child (not sure whether you can imagine the emotional high involved therein). Do you see him slipping? Here is a man who believes in being respectable in society and earning the constant awe of the world, and B belonged to a low class in society. Do you see him slipping and allowing evidence of his mistake (the child that B bears him) exist?

My next, though related, question is: If he still did slip (let us assume that he did sleep with B and impregnated her), do you see B, being the kind of woman that she is, to allow A's child to grow? Do you see her delivering the baby and then vanishing without staking claim to a share in A's life? Esp. after his wife dies (say, she died in the 6th month of pregnancy)? Why would she give up the luxury of a life with him? If all she wanted was more and more men, why would she let his child grow in the first place and jeopardise her beauty as well as several months of no men!?

Given a sketch of both these people, do you think it makes sense if I told you that A had a one-night stand with B and both of them let the child grow within her and be born? Do you see that act (the one-day/noon/night stand) being in accordance with their character and temperament?

Do ponder over this (while I work on another story) and let me know...


  1. A "slip" is just that, something that goes against reason or rhyme or established personality and behaviour of a person - so whatsoever be the greatness of A, it is definitely possible, but maybe not so very probable that he go to B, in the time period mentioned.

    # As to B, A could be a conquest, and since she is "immoral", he would be one of many, so it is of no consequence to her.

    # And incase A did slip and there indeed were a onenight stand between A and B, and B does conceive A's child, I think since she is just a village servant girl, she would take the pregnancy in her stride, and may even bring up the child in her own way. I think she will have a very clear idea of what a onenightstand means, since that seems to be an intrinsic part of her lifestyle.
    I dont see her staking any claim on A. And I dont see A staking any claim on the child either. Though he may help financially in its upbringing, though he may never emotionally or physically bond with the servants child as his own. I think that he would be very conscious of his place in society, and will realize that slips are always there; but family means children born of one's righteous, precious wife and not of an immoral servant...He may remarry another woman in the image of his first wife and go on with life - a sundar, susheel lady whose blood is only blue and untainted.

  2. "that act ...being in accordance with their character and temperament"

    Rationality and wisdom fails in the act of love and lust.

    Quoting from New Testament (Matthew 26:41)...
    "Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak."

  3. Anonymous4:13 AM

    I was pondering over the possibilities that are open to a man's character. ??
    Then why do you mention B or her decision at all?

    Sex should be the physical expression of Love between two people ...just a belief...
    here there is no bond between A and B - just a child born out of Lust and nothing else
    What would be your take on your story??

    Just a thought...more later

  4. Dear P,
    Thanks for your insight! :-)

    Dear S & U,
    Its not about right and wrong that I worry (as if I care who sleeps with whom). I was wondering whether such characters would indulge in such an act, or putting it differently, given such an act, do I feel that such characters could have performed it.

    To make things clearer to all, I was reading Kite Runner and this is a part of that story which I found most unconvincing. Frankly, I find the book a frail attempt at story telling let alone literary story telling. It amazed me that this book received so much attention, but apart from this issue, was the jarring in my head about the characters and this act. It seemed like as if the author merely wanted to create a sensationalism and it seems to have worked. Personally, I am not convinced and hence find the characterisation quite hollow.

  5. Uh uh ... I did not know I was answering this question of yours when I wrote what I have written. So, I most certainly would like you to read what I have written in my blog - click on Bryan Adams in my page *Grin*

  6. I read this again today and only one thing comes to mind - *Make it a few things*

    In an imperfect world the existence of a perfect blue blooded man or woman is questionable.

    In an imperfect world the existence of a perfect man or woman is questionable.

    If a relationship is a perfect relationship, the existence of imperfection will not be questioned but understood.

    So in imperfection if we could find perfection - that would be perfect love.

    Sadly, man and woman look for blue blood, prince charming and Princess Dianas while Cinderellas are left in waiting and the Puss in boots never does come into the life of young men.

    Moms and dads want fair and lovely maidens and Dubai maapilais for their kids. Who cares if the very fair and beautiful maiden has slept with a backstreet boy or the Dubai maapilai has a 'china veedu' as long as they are 'Happily married' husband and wife in the temple, Church or any other relegious ceremony.

    Yet, if a girl cannot believe or hope that an imperfect man could be perfect, and a boy cannot hope for a perfect woman to be imperfect for him ... Stories cannot be told. You and I will not have anything Big to write about. Everyday life - has everything in it if there's love. Nothing if there isn't and love of every genre begins and ends in the love of a man for his woman and a woman for her man!

    It's not whether this blue blooded self righteous prick could get it going with a servant - It is that he could - he can - the question is - Will he or wont he? And only he can answer.

    Writers we make men. We destroy them.

    Man - he can choose to Live, exist or be destroyed. Books and written knowledge is not the norm. Should never be the norm. We are who we choose to be. Our choices define us. *That's from Harry Potter, by the way. Prof Dumbledore tells that to Harry, in the second book I think.*

    Ok, now I got to continue my writing I've been putting it off. And where is your comment? I know I've written it rather long - must work on shortening! See ya :)