Friday, August 04, 2006

Now showing in Bangalore

Well, I've moved to Bangalore and I am still not sure whether I should be excited about it or not. I like the place and it seems right (minus the real estate prices and traffic) but I am afraid it might be a word of approval spoken too soon. I am currently hunting for information about what happens in the city (events, bookstores, hangouts, restaurants, workshops, courses/classes, institutes, communities, etc.). I found this link to be very useful. Still in its infancy, but a very impressive idea and attempt. Do let me know of any similar sites that you might be aware of. (Great job, buddy. Will surely join in once I settle down here)
Apart from this one (and metrobloggers), here is my own (small) list of stuff to note in Bangalore: (very interesting)

So much to do, so little time... Relax! :-)


  1. :)
    Your Life seems now a promise of a thousand-petalled lotus; with each petal of a special colour and each colour of a unique texture - velvet or silk or satin or...!

  2. Thanks,
    Welcome to Bangalore.Wish you a veryhappy stay here.