Saturday, June 24, 2006

Run, kid, run

Why stop now, kid?
Run along
For the day will become night.
And running makes
A day out of night.

You gotta get there
Which is not here.
You get to do something
More than simply
Hanging around.
Run along, kid.

What do you think
You will get from life?
Run and you'll know.
You gotta know
What you want.
And more importantly,
How to recognise it.

Run along, kid.
Life is not for those who sit
Life is not for me
For I have run years
And fallen flat on my face.
But, run along, kid.


  1. i understand....

  2. I found this poem too slipshod to be branded as “E’s".

  3. I like the tempo of the poem/song.

  4. I realised that I hadn't visited my blog over the past few days...

    Dear S,
    Glad you did! :-)

    Dear X,
    Ok. Maybe there would some better ones to interest you, later... :-)

    Dear W,
    Glad you liked it. :-)

  5. the kid appeared to running in a holiday mood on a beach rather than running impassionate about life and his goal...i guess it was an attempt to inspire...