Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Crazy Days

You know what gets me? Arrant confusion (gotcha!)

I think we are worse of than the days of slavery (did we in India ever have them?) or being ruled by someone else. Think about it. Freedom, everyone says, is the right/will to chose (or something like that, I really dunno). God save me if I get freedom and the inability to choose from so many brazillion (no? that's not 100 zillion?) things!!! And lagniappe to the choices is the various possibilities!!!

I want shoes: Nike or local-maal? Why do I need it? Will I use it? What is best if I am only going to use it occasionally?

I want a good career: Should I switch now? Where should I go? Teacher? Architect (software)? Consultant (business)? Start my own restaurant? Write? Should I wait till I have X amount in my account?

I want a good wife (replace it with a husband, if you aren't interested in a wife. Sorry, married men who realise that they aren't interested in their wife are not eligible ;-): Homely (what on earth is that? Now to sit and choose the characteristics that make someone homely!)? Good looking (whoever says no to this, send me an email. I really love collecting rare species.)? Intelligent? Artistic? Suave? Understanding? What can I do without?

I want peace: Should I go to the mountains? Should I first earn enough? Should I become a teacher first? A writer? A monk? Would marriage bring peace? Think a monk's better? Kids? Surely a monk? Should I strive for fame before I try for peace? Shoot the monk?

I want nothing: Nothing!? Damn! What about food? Books? Clothing? Shelter? Pizzas!!!?

So many choices for nothing!! Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!


  1. I think that it is more a case of your wanting EVERYTHING - wanting to be a writer, an engineer, a monk, a man married to a peace-giving wife, who is also at the same time, an exotic peace-shattering gorgeous Angelina Jolie type - you want it all; and the impossibility of all these contradictions living simultaneously in your actual real life makes you rave and rant like this. Makes you make false claims that you want NOTHING...

    Think about it and know yourself well and there will be peace.

  2. Welcome to my world! *Wicked Grin*

  3. Whirlpool of confusion..Haven't you taken your break as yet?? :)

  4. I always find it useful in such situations to look at this t-shirt. It's one of my favourites.

  5. Dear P,
    :-O Should I call you granny goose? ;-p

    Dear SCS,
    Now I have to figure which club (of the many)... :-(

    Dear AV,
    I took a break but I couldn't decide where to go, so I simply stayed....

    Dear M,
    And you thought THAT would help me!!! :-O

  6. u got me laughing...oh my God...
    let me stop it first...

  7. its natural to be desireful. but discretion in exercising action matters.

  8. Heehaaaaaaw! [evil laughter]
    Has God played dice with us?

  9. hahahaahahah...pardon me but..hahahahhoo...wait, let me...(Still laughing)...ok, ok, hoo...hmm, so ur CONFUSED? good way to spell out ur confusion..let me suggest u something...go to some cool resturant have a cup of nice cool dont ask, what coffee? what beans, with or wothout sugar etc, etc...guess u got the idea..there is an ad like that...leave that to the resturant ppl...

  10. Dear E,

    Having too many choices is always better than having none. What say!?

  11. you wont agree that you are indecisive :|

  12. Sorry, guys! Was a little caught up in Alvibest.

    Dear S,
    Did you stop? ;-)

    Dear S,
    :-O Should i call you granny goose too!!?? ;-)

    Dear M,
    Not sure, but before I can check out the number on the faces, He picks them up and rolls them again. :-(

    Dear A,
    Hmmm. Nice idea. I wish someone would pamper me (like in that 7up advt.) and serve me something nice and refreshing. Then I can get back to... what was I doing? :-o

    Dear X,
    Yeah right! Try convincing me that my state is better than any other! :-(

    Dear W,
    No no. I think I am most decisive about that. Maybe...