Saturday, April 09, 2005


I lost my mobile.


  1. OK an unsolicited piece of advice,if u know ur imei or serial number ,just call ur carrier customer care and tell them this no. , ur mobile might be traced. Do call ur customer care it might help..

  2. Anubhav,
    Thanks a tonne for the advice. I need more help. What is imei or serial number? Cust. care of the mobile manufacturer or the connection service provider? As dumb as I sound, I was forced into using a mobile and didn't bother to learn anything about it...

  3. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    I found my mobile IMEI. Ok, now this is info to those (heh heh heh) who had no clue what this IMEI thing is:

    An IMEI is the unique serial number of a Digital GSM mobile phone and stands for International Mobile Equipment Identifier.

    Mobile phone (IMEI) blocking is the blocking of a specific mobile phone. Mobile phone IMEI blocking is different to a mobile service suspension.

    I dunno. I am in two minds now.
    Chances of my getting it back are slim. I would rather let the person who has taken/found it to use it. At the same time I think s/he might return it (very very slim chance. The mobile was lost really far away from here. No one will take the pains of returning it.) after finding it "useless"... Hmmm. Not sure. I'll toss a coin.

    I don't think I will get myself another one. I want to check out how long I can push myself without one. I was forced into it early last year and it became pretty indispensible... let's see.

  4. awwww.... if you dun get it back, just join the club! My mobile conked in Tuesday's rain and is beyond recovery... had it in the ICU until yesterday evening and the doctors have lost hope. They said 'TIG' - Trust in God!! LOL.

  5. Losing a mobile- a pain in the neck. Back in Chennai I remember that one of our girls at the college lost her mobile in the bus. She was afraid her parents would know and hell would break lose. Finally borrowed moneyfrom friends and bought another.

  6. By ways, I am not too proficient so as to advice what to do. But don't worry, if its in your luck you shall find it.Good luck.