Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A thousand words...


Hope you enjoy this array of pictures...


  1. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Nice cute butt u have thre!!! :-))
    So pinchaeble. ;-)
    Good pix, coming to ur blog for first time. shud cum often. keep up the good work

  2. Dear Anon, (you could do well by leaving your name behind)

    I hope "u have thre" means "you have there in your colection of pictures"!! :-o
    It would be worse if you meant "you have three"!!! :-))
    Well, I shall pass on the compliments to the little brat who is busy eating his T-shirt. That bottom is proprietary my nephew and currently he isn't in a state to get thrilled at compliments targeted at his derriere!!

    Thanks, glad you liked the picture (although I doubt whether you went beyond the 1st one! ;-)

  3. Anonymous12:16 PM

    very refrefreshing indeed...... colours, scenes, play of light even a wonderful mug of latte. minus the truck loved them all. play of light seems to b ur forte
    keep up the cheer!!!

  4. Eroteme, nice collection there! :).
    Pic no. 6: He managed to wait till you would click? :).
    I love the snap with colours and then the fourth from last. My most favourite remains the 20th from the beginning!:)(aren't u learning counting?? ;))

  5. Dear A,
    Thank you so much for the comments. I have lost count and am glad to know that you liked 4 out of 25 snaps!!! :-|

    :-) Kidding. Glad you liked them...

  6. Dear L,
    Sorry for the delayed comment. Why didn't you like the truck? It was so nice!! This is what happens when a truck driver starts looking into the small cars and forgets to drive!!!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment...

  7. Beautiful collection...which brings me back to my sorrow about posting pics along my post. Anyways, forget that lovely collection...no, no I am not spoiling you, you deserve that I loved the coffee cup with design (last one from right in the first row). I also loved the man sitting with vessels full of various powdered colours- its so full of life.The fifth one in the second row(fifth from left in the second row).Creates a sense of serenity.Guess I shall also download FLICKR.

  8. Ps. the eighth one from the second row (from left)- that cow - innocence incarnate - a very moving pic!!

  9. last one from second row - bangles - lovely one- somewhat represents a united whole..where did you take that one.

  10. Dear Amrita,
    You are such a darling!!! If my blog was a guy it would have fallen in love with your comments (assuming they are gals!). I am glad you liked the pictures. Interesting. The picture you mention is called Innocence on my comp. And the one you called serene is called Serenity. Interesting. (Check out the tags on my pictures on Flickr for confirmation :-). You don't have to download Flickr, you simply need to register. :-)
    I was glad that the calf straightened its ears at the right time... :-) It is so difficult to explain a pose to them. Everytime I tell them "Look up" They go "Maaaaaoooooooooooooooo" Little slow on that front but otherwise wonderful bunch of animals!!!
    So be it with the monkey and elephant. I actually had a picture of a monkey making a leap (so it is caught in mid air). A little blurred so I didn't include it...
    The bangles belong to a kid I took care of since she was ... well, a kid (as in a baby). I so adore her. Two hands are hers (she is normal) and the other two belong to her elder sister... I like that pic too. :-)
    Did you notice something in the picture where that guy is selling colours? His clothes are white! No colours in his life while he sells them to you... (ok, his headgear is bright!) :-)

    Thank you once again... :-)

  11. lovely pics!! :-)
    i liked...
    1, 2, 5, 9, 12, 20, 21, 22, 24 and 25 a lot!!!