Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another List

I am terribly good at creating lists and remarkably bad at doing anything with them. I have no clue as to the number of lists I must have made though I have a fair idea of the number of fruitful actions that arose from them (the number is very close to 0). Nevertheless, I decided to create one more list for myself. This is the list of books that I am definitely going to read in April!! :-D

  1. Shakespeare - Bill Bryson
  2. What do I do when I want to do everything - Barbara Sher
  3. Serious Creativity - De Bono
  4. Unbearable lightness of being - Kundera
  5. 10 Short Stories - Nabokov

And a few chapters of a book that I read with my soul! :-)

I'll mark this post as 30th April so that this stays on top. Readers (if there are any) are requested to scroll down for the latest posts...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bangalore Barcamp 6 (April 2008)

I know this is shabby work and I have no excuse beyond the fact that my fingers don't seem to type out "Blogger" in the address bar anymore. I hope they will get over this phase and let me return to my regular (?) posting. Till then, I wanted to share the fact that the logo I designed for Bangalore Barcamp 6 received the highest votes!! Here it (this is a highly modified version of what I had designed. Check out the main logo page to see what I had actually done!) is:

So different from what I had actually designed!